Carpet Repair Services

Carpet Repair Restretching

Carpet Stretching at it’s best should be done with these tools: Power Stretcher, Carpet Kicker, Carpet Tucker, Carpet Scissors, Seam Iron, Seam Roller, Seam Tape and Carpet Razor.

Carpet Stretching

Many times we look at our carpets over the years and decide on maybe replacing them due to holes, tears, rips, humps, ripples, ect… These are common problems with carpets due to wear and tear. Many of these problems can be repaired and save you money on costly carpet replacement!

Carpet Repairs are often needed after Water Damage

Kiwi Clean has the professional knowledge and experience for total water damage restoration on your carpets. From water extraction to complete professional home care long after the flood waters are gone, we’re here with 24-hour total protection whenever you need us. We’ll even work with your insurance company for payment for your convenience. All of our repairs are guaranteed for one year to ensure that your water damage repair is performed professionally and up to your standards. If you notice any problems with the quality of our work, just give us a call within one year of the service and we’ll come back to repair it at no charge to you

Other Carpet Repairs:

  • Cigarette Burns
  • Iron Burns
  • Bleach Stains
  • Dye Stains
  • Ink Stains
  • Broken Seams
  • Hot Wax on Carpet
  • Furniture Marks
  • Pet Stains
  • Carpet Fray
  • Carpet Ripples
  • Stair Ripples
  • Worn Out Carpet Areas
  • Old Unraveling Seams

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