Stain Treatment Services

Cleaning By Kiwi Clean

The tech will move light furniture to ensure maximum carpet cleaning coverage! Plastic tabs will be placed under your furniture to prevent furniture marks.

Stage 2 pre-Spray

A pre spotter and pre mist is applied to carpets for heavy soiled areas, and stains. This will help break down the stains for maximum efficiency during extraction.

Stage 3 Roto-Scrub

Our Roto Scrub process agitates and scrubs your carpet loosening dirt, and agitating stubborn stains. This prepares your carpets for maximum extraction.


With our Pre Dry Process, your carpets are now buffed cleaned for a second cleaning process. While this is occurring, a dry pad is extracting even more water from your carpets causing faster Drying Times!
Your carpets dry within a couple of hours! Now where can you go and get Hot Water Extraction with drying times like that?


Your carpets are groomed leaving them looking fresh, clean, and plush. Rather than have swirls or patterns! This also helps for drying. Dry times range from 4 to three 8 hrs!
End result is cleaner carpet.