Steam is Simple


Marketing is Confusing Steam Cleaner shopping
Wow! What a world the Internet has become and if you are researching steam cleaners you had best hold on to your hat. How could anything so simple become so exhausting?

“Competitive Marketing”
We promise we will declutter your mind and save your sanity. Refreshing and simple, we will be honest and educate, providing only correct information and the facts. Take a deep breath and relax, we will not over “hype”, fabricate unknown “technologies”, or overstate products and we hope to leave you knowledgeable and confident.

Steam alone kills absolutely!

There is no advanced technology that makes steam more effective.

Steam is steam and it’s all about the heat. The hotter it is, the faster it works. Steam cleans almost anything and sanitizes simultaneously, killing 99.9% of microbes as tested in labs by many companies, including us. So what about these claims that special technologies enhance steam’s kill ability? It’s well known that the hottest temperature any microbe on Earth can survive is 260°F. And trust us, you’ll never run into one. They live in volcanic vents 1.5 miles undersea. But if you did, steam alone would still kill it. No hoopla needed. So essentially, anyone trying to sell a technology that adds to the killing power of steam is misleading you.

Temperature is King – Pressure is a byproduct

No mysticism here just simple basic science

Temperature and the Pressure of the saturated steam are mutually dependent. When one of them is given, the other is determined. The saturated steam table is a good reference.

For example, if a steam cleaner produces 58 psi of pressure then the boiler will maintain an average 293°F (not up to 320°F as many insist on advertising). Simple science, but it appears to be quite difficult for many sellers to get this straight. However, facts are facts and it is important be provided true information when making an investment in a steam cleaner or any investment. Is that not what one expects?

There is no such thing as a “dry” steam cleaner

If it were dry, how could it be steam?teapot boiling

It is actually “low moisture” or “vapor” as it should be properly referred to avoid marketing confusion. This is based on the temperature of the boiler of the steam cleaner that sets the moisture content of the steam. One further step is the use of a pressure regulator on the steam cleaner to lower the steam pressure resulting in less water released from the hose yet lower moisture hot drier steam. Unfortunately, we must use this term also to avoid further confusion when you are comparing products.