Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner Review

The most important point that you must consider is the size of your living space.
These vacuum cleaners are offered in a number of sizes as well as weights. For majority of average size homes, a mid-sized vacuum cleaner is great and can do the cleaning job effectively, whereas there are full size vacuums for larger houses. The best size and weight of the vacuum is the ones that are suitable for you and these are usually the best vacuum cleaner for your home.


Important considering all the attachments
Dust can reach anywhere so when you buy a vacuum consider its attachments too. If you read the best rated vacuum cleaner review guide, you will see that in some designs of vacuums, the number of attachments are more as compared to others, yet there are some attachments that must be present in all like and a soft bristled dusting brush or cleaning of bare floor, upholstery.

Always focus on the main machine of your vacuum instead of getting impressed with the good appearance and some stylish features. It is important to have a suction control switch of your vac at your fingertips, so that you can operate it easily. When you vacuum a carpet then high suction is required as compared to when you vacuum drapes.

Length of the Cord
It can be irritating if the length of the cord of your vacuum is short and you need to clean floors that are away from the power source. This factor should be considered when purchasing a vacuum that the length of the power cord must be (Min 25 feet is average). If the vacuum has an automatic retractable cord then it is a plus point.

Canister vacuum cleaners
With the canister vacuum it is easy to switch from carpet to bare floorings. These can easily be carried and moved as compared to an upright vacuum. Canisters can be used for cleaning the stairs and it has on board tools. The only drawback is the suction power that is low than upright vacuum, particularly on carpets. Even the storage of canister vacuum is a hassle as it occupies more space as compared to an upright. For the homeowners with carpets and bare floors my recommendation is a full sized canister vac.

Upright vacuums
When you buy an upright vacuum then you will pay less and get more suction as compared to canister. You can easily store upright vacs as these are compact. In most of upright cleaners you will not find a H.E.P.A filtration system that is fully sealed. If there are pet hair in your carpets or upholstery and you require a vacuum for carpets mainly then opt for upright. One of the best upright vacuum cleaner is reviewed here:

The H.E.P.A filtration system
H.E.P.A is the abbreviation of ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air”. The best solution for allergy sufferers is to buy a vacuum cleaner with this true H.E.P.A filtration system. The purpose of a “true” HEPA filter vac is to trap the particles measuring up to 0.3 microns whereas its average efficiency rate is 97.97%. If you take any standard vacuum it can suck particles measuring 30 to 50 microns, and the smaller ones bounce back into the environmental air. The main cause of allergy is the tiny dust particles, measuring 0.3 microns and for trapping of such allergens the best is using a H.E.P.A air cleaner.

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